Love JudgementLOVE

Why Judgment Robs Us of Love

It’s so easy to make judgments. We judge circumstances and experiences. We also judge others. The nastiest one of all is self-judgement. All these different

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Why We Complicate Things

Life is simple, so they say. Whoever they are, they must have no idea how complicated my mind once was… Really, my mind has gotten

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Feel Or ThinkEGO

To Feel Or Think?

Deciding between what we feel and think is one of the most challenging dilemmas in life. One part of us feels one thing. Then, a

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Are You Turned On?

Settle down! I don’t mean it that way… I mean: Are you turned on when it comes to feeling alive? Do you live your days

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Love Of DanceLOVE

Are You Doing It for the Love of It?

The dancer’s movement seems effortless. It’s like her body moves in a natural, organic flow—without attachment of what comes next, or having to arrive anywhere but

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Getting Out Of Our Own Way

Have you ever found yourself saying, ‘If only I could get of my own way’? I used say that to myself a lot. It was

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