Wanting What We HaveLOVE

Wanting What We Already Have

I had heard this before: “We already have everything we want.” But, when I looked at my life, there were certainly things I didn’t have

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Want To Make This A Year that Changed Your Life? I have three questions for you

If you blinked, you may have missed it. The month of January just flew past. Yep! We are off into 2015. Before you realise it,

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Heart CertaintyHEALTH & WELLNESS

Limitless Living Interview by Lorna Jane

I was recently interviewed by Lorna Jane’s team as a inspirational leader for their Move Nourish Believe blog, it was such an honour to be

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Is What You Think Is Working Controlling you?

Each day is new again. Each moment is a new opportunity. But how often do we live it as though it is new? Without even

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Experience 2015 In A Way Like Never Before… But Are You Ready?

This message may change everything, especially if you are getting bored of setting goals, planning and making intentions year after year…

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Fake LoveLOVE

The Fake Love And Why I Was Buying It!

This post is going to be really raw. I warn you in advance of what I am about to share… For many years, I went

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