Do We Find Purpose In Life, or Does It Find Us?

Have you ever wondered what purpose actually is? Where it comes from? Or why is it one of the biggest questions we sometimes spend our

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Experiencing What You desire

When I believe in something, I believe in it all the way. I’m wholehearted and stay true to myself. Having this certainty within myself supports

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Why I paid For LoveLOVE

Why I Paid for Love

Do you believe love is free? Well, if it is who we truly are, then of course it must be free. Right? I can tell

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Getting Out Of Loves WayEGO

Getting out of Love’s Way

You know when you get that feeling of something that you love to do? It kind of just finds you. You realize Wow! I would

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Remembering LoveLOVE

Remembering Love

We feel it. It moves through us and sets our hearts on fire. It’s called love. What we are feeling is who we are: One

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Express Now Or Wait?

We all have it. We all experience doing this in some form. I am talking about creativity and being creative. So, why do so many

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