Why Judgment Stops Us from Being Ourselves 

In following the feeling, without reason (because I simply love to) my mind can so quickly look to build stories and give reasons to justify what I am doing.

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If Love Just Is, Why Do We Make It Mean Something?

Being in love is such a special experience. There is not much that compares to how alive we feel when in love. Love is such a

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Jessica-AinscoughHEALTH & WELLNESS

Jessica Ainscough: Thank You For Living Your Truth

Today, I’m writing on behalf of a friend, a friend who recently passed away from cancer. Jessica Ainscough was someone whom I found truly inspiring

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Stepping Into Your PowerTRUTH

Stepping into Your Power

Well, let’s be straight up—just so we don’t start off in some woo woo context. The truth is: We’ve always been, and always will be,

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The ONE Thing That Changes Everything

We all have it. We all do it in some way, shape or form. It’s our one thing that we so naturally and effortlessly find

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Wanting What We HaveLOVE

Wanting What We Already Have

I had heard this before: “We already have everything we want.” But, when I looked at my life, there were certainly things I didn’t have

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