Are You Doing It for the Love of It?

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  • on June 2nd, 2015|

The dancer’s movement seems effortless. It’s like her body moves in a natural, organic flow—without attachment of what comes next, or having to arrive anywhere but there, in that step, in that moment

Have you ever observed someone move like that? I have. It’s so beautiful because I’m watching love unfold. I can feel it within myself as I watch. To me this is a person doing what she loves for the love it.

Whenever I come across someone doing what they love in life, there is a wholehearted connection to whom they are being. It reminds me of why I am alive.

To often in my past, I found it very difficult to be where I was. I was more concerned about where I needed to be. I was in judgment of what I was experiencing.

I then was driven by need and agenda to reach an outcome or result, to fix what I thought was broken. To change my life for an idea of how it should be.

This was something I was doing unconsciously. I was so distracted by the world around me, the comparing, and wanting to have it all. I pursued what I didn’t have and believed that I needed.

So to wind back all of this, I had to let go. I had to discover what moved my heart, my soul.

At first, it may have been a walk in the sun, treating myself to just sitting at my favourite beach. I had to re-find the small things I loved. I had made life about such big things that, somehow, I had sucked up all the space for the love I had within me.

When I ask people if they are doing what they love, most of the time, they think immediately of their ‘work’, what they do in order to survive. Some find reason to love it. Some pretend to love it. I did both. But, underneath, I was burning.

What was burning within me was the love I had to just be me and express what I felt into each day, each moment.

So, how did I light this flame within me and let it rage within my life? I let the things that were taking up space in my life crumble and burn. Instead of doing things for the need to survive, or things I did because I felt obliged to do so, I chose not to. I let my fears of letting all that crumble and burn embrace me.

Once reclaiming power from all the ideas I had of needing and having to do, I started to feel free.


The number one reason we believe love causes us pain, is all our human ideas of what love is or isn’t 


Most of the time, we have no idea how the love we are, the love that we would truly like to express into this world, may do so. Instead, we allow ourselves to be confined by our own fears.

Fears that are driven into us about not surviving, not having, not succeeding or not winning at life. All of it is to support one grand illusion that controls and tricks us into not believing we cannot do only what we love for the love of it.


It’s not about finding a new technique, better steps, powerful affirmations, or being given the secret to life. The only way towards doing what we love for the love of it is to realise who we are in this moment. To go beyond the ideas of what loving is or how it’s meant to look in our lives. Then, we finally free ourselves from the thinking that takes us away from being in love. That love then moves through us. In that space, we can then truly be ourselves and dance with love as love for the complete love of it.

The questions then begs, ‘Are you willing to know yourself and dance like never before?’

If so great, take the next step, a step in which you love. If not, what are you waiting for? You are alive right? So tell me, why are you alive again?

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