Are You Turned On?

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  • on June 9th, 2015|

Settle down! I don’t mean it that way… I mean: Are you turned on when it comes to feeling alive? Do you live your days as though there is a fire within your soul that must be expressed into your life?

Or, do you live life searching for that fire in what you do? Do you feel the fire but suppress it because you’re too scared of what it will mean if you express it and live it? Or maybe you aren’t even aware of it because you’ve numbed it down so much by doing what you need to do in life. I know that one really well…

I used to wake up and live like a robot: Open eyes. Get ready for work. Go to work. Come home. Eat. Sleep. Then repeat until, finally, the weekend came and I was free to be myself.

Don’t you ever wonder why we look forward to the weekend and then dread the Monday grind? Well, if you are awake or in the process of waking up from your deep robotic sleep, you’re probably starting to ask yourself that question just as I did.

Somehow, along the way, I had sold my soul. I thought my freedom was worth time and money. Ironically, I sold that very freedom, hoping to taste the freedom for which I had given away.

I didn’t question this for a very long time because it looked so normal. Everyone was doing it! We all had the same robotic dance going on.

Some people thought their dance was bigger and better than others because they had more things in the world. They believed they had more money, power, attention, or significance of some sort. They would then believe they were experiencing more freedom than others. How funny to realise that wasn’t the case!

When we put power in the belief that being alive is in what we do, or what we have in any capacity, we immediately limit ourselves.

Being alive is always about feeling. Don’t you hear, again and again, from those who are living: “I FEEL so alive”?

They don’t say, “I am alive because I have a job!” They don’t say, “I am alive because I brought a new house.” They don’t say, “I am alive because I got married.”

Simply being alive is a feeling. Through that experience, we come to use all the things life has to offer as an expression of already feeling alive. So in truth we are always feeling alive, in the here and now for no reason.

However, our mind does everything it can to convince us it’s the things in life that make us feel alive.

We are sold an image of what a dream life looks like. We are sold an idea of what it means to have the freedom to feel alive. In being sold, we cage ourselves in. Truly living and feeling alive then becomes something beyond us, something to obtain within our story.

So, instead of tying yourself down to an idea, open yourself up to the freedom that is in your next breath. Allow yourself to leave behind what’s in life and feel what is already within.

If you are willing and have the courage to express what you feel within, it will lead you, step by step, into a life that is truly turned on by all that you feel in already being alive.

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