Do We Find Purpose In Life, or Does It Find Us?

  • Posted by Jamie|
  • on November 17th, 2014|

Have you ever wondered what purpose actually is? Where it comes from? Or why is it one of the biggest questions we sometimes spend our lives answering?

Well, I wondered and pondered on all of this. What I came to realise was the complete opposite to what I thought purpose was all about.

From an early age, like most of us, I asked myself: What is my purpose in life? So, I went looking for it. I looked at what I valued and what was important to me. Then, I went on to apply that to what I did.

When what I did lined up with my values and what was important, then I felt like I was on purpose. I felt like I had worth in this world and belonged. But, then, I noticed my values would change. What was important to me would shift.

I would then question myself. Again, I was left asking: What is my purpose?

After repeating this process a few times and being left, again, with that same original question, I stopped and questioned what purpose was all about.

My pondering led me to realize that purpose was not out there. It wasn’t in what I did. It wasn’t something that I created by measuring my values and what was of importance to me in the world.

Purpose was found in who I was being. It was when I knew myself at a deeper enough depth. Instead of finding purpose in what I did, I then found myself giving purpose to what I did.

I, then, felt free of the search. I didn’t have to arrive at a point where my life was purposeful. Instead, I would feel that purpose was already within me. I would then allow it to express in whatever it is that I loved to do or be.

I was no longer confined to limiting purpose, to a set of beliefs or certain way of life. My purpose was now being experienced in simply being alive and having the freedom to do whatever it is that I loved.

I believe we came here to live a purposeful life by being ourselves. When we are truly being ourselves and only doing what we love, life is then purposeful in all that we do—whether it’s saving the environment, being a parent, running a company, or creating wonderful pieces of art… If you love it, that is purposeful in itself.

So, today, I encourage you to take a moment. Connect with yourself and firstly ask: What do I love for the only reason of loving it? Then ask: Am I doing that?

If your answer is not there yet or you find yourself consumed with the thoughts of all the things you need to do, then start slowly. Acknowledge the little things in life you feel purpose in doing, because it’s who you are being that makes it purposeful.

In other words, do things that you feel you love. Whether its going for a walk at sunrise, or taking time to sit in a park, getting home a little early to cook or simply just taking time out to actually stop and spend time with those you love.

The more you connect with the love that is already there, the more courage you will have to let go of the things you thought you needed to do and, rather, create space for the things you love and feel purposeful in doing because you are connected in who are being whilst doing.

So does this feel true for you?

Do you feel purpose is only found in what you do or is about who you are being?

I would love to hear how this lands with you and where you are currently with what purpose means to you in your life. Please share below


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