Experiencing What You desire

  • Posted by Jamie|
  • on October 21st, 2014|

When I believe in something, I believe in it all the way. I’m wholehearted and stay true to myself. Having this certainty within myself supports me in imagining the things I desire in my life coming into my reality.

So, why did I once find myself getting in the way of what I desired in life?

Well, it was because I would doubt what I would love to experience by buying into my story.

Do you ever notice how, in the story, sometimes, something simply doesn’t seem possible? So, in that moment, you believe the thoughts telling you it’s not possible.

Well, in that moment, what you imagine as true no longer is true. Instead, your circumstances and current reality have become more real than what you truly desire.

My reality is what I believe it to be. It’s totally up to me. It’s in no one else’s power but mine. I’m not talking about me, Jamie, but the big Jamie: the one that is in all things and separate from nothing.

Do you know this part of yourself? Or, do you simply believe you are just who you are as this body and your story in time?

Without truly knowing yourself, what I am sharing will only be used by the part of you that isn’t real, your ego. It will try to use what is being shared as another tool to change, improve, or fix your life.

When I took the time to discover the role of my ego and then dive beyond it into who I truly am, I was then able to reclaim power from the thoughts in my mind. Those thoughts then did not run off and buy into my life circumstances.

When I remain true to what I feel is the love I wish to express into life, I was no longer waiting for my story to change. I found myself free to will the love I felt within into my life experience, moment by moment.

So, next time you feel something rise up within you that you would love to experience, say, “Yes!” to what you feel. Let the how unfold before you, but never doubt that desire you will to experience.

What do you desire?


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