Facing Love

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  • on September 18th, 2015|

Love is all there is. But, if that is so, then why do I still sometimes forget?

I forget because, in not being present, I run off with a thought, an idea of love. In doing so, I, then, become separate and start to play into my own mind.

Recently, I found myself doing exactly that.

The feeling of love is such an expansive feeling. When love is running through our bodies, it feels like such a euphoric drug—especially when we don’t know ourselves as that feeling. It can be overwhelming. It’s something we like to control or hang onto by thinking we have a choice beyond what is already chosen.

In many areas of my life, I feel like I’ve really come to know myself as the feeling. Rather than being attached to thinking I am receiving that feeling because of my life circumstances, I allow myself to experience it as who I am. This is where our egos lose power and our thinking quiets.

Over the years, I have constantly practised placing my attention on the truth, that I am love.

Through this practice, I’ve had to experience how my ego manipulates me into believing I am separate from this love. In these instances, I get to own the parts of myself I have disowned. As that happens, I find I have more space and a greater capacity for the love I already am.

Recently, I was a victim of my own manipulation. I got sucked into my own thoughts that love was something I was obtaining from the external. Without even realising it, I was using myself in ways that blinded me to my own truth.

How did I become blind to my own truth?

I’ve noticed as I have become more aware of myself, my own ego sometimes hijacks this awareness through words I associate with being conscious. Then, instead of staying with my truth, I find myself down a rabbit hole of thinking where I didn’t even realise I had fallen. The only way I came to realise this was when I noticed the control I was trying to place on myself and the discomfort I felt within that.

Feeling discomfort in any way has always been my trigger to wake up and realise I’ve fallen. If things aren’t simple and effortless, I’ve usually gotten in my own way.

Once I notice discomfort, I stop and empty my mind. I get rid of distractions and dive into all that feels uncomfortable. In going through it, I get to face myself. Rather than being caught in thought and stories, I find myself facing who I’m not. Then I can face the love I am.

I know this may sound different. For so long, I was taught to overcome any discomfort by finding something to fix it, remove it, or even find an understanding of it. All of that took me away from simply just feeling it and moving through it.

To judge my experience in any way and think it should be different or fit into what I know is to fail to face it. Even within our experiences of discomfort, we are not separate from love. The experience itself is love unfolding through us.

So, be fearless. Face it all. Face it all because all of it is you, the love you are. In doing so I find there is no confusion, just an acceptance of what is which allows things to naturally fall away or stay.

Either way, I’m centered and myself. In that space, I am free. I am me.

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