Getting Out Of Our Own Way

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  • on May 26th, 2015|

Have you ever found yourself saying, ‘If only I could get of my own way’?

I used say that to myself a lot. It was usually when things in life were unfolding in a way that I thought they shouldn’t be. Or, I had made a decision to influence my life in hopes of a better outcome—only to fall flat on my face.

Why was I so good at getting in my own way?

Well, you see: I would mostly notice the times that life wasn’t going the way I wanted it to go. Then, I would blame myself for taking a wrong turn somewhere. When I was making decisions or choices that seemed to have life working in my favor, I never questioned whether I was in my own way.

The truth was: Whenever I thought I was making a decision—right or wrong—to ensure I avoided something I feared, I was always in my own way.

So, how perfect it was that I would have the opportunity to avoid getting in my own way. You know those times? It’s like your hands are tied behind your back. All you can do is let things unfold.

When that happens, I never let go of what I feel to do or be in life. But, I did have to let go of thinking that what would happen was up to me.

It’s not about surrendering to what I love, but, rather, to the part of me that thinks it has control: my ego.

During those times, I was holding space for what I loved by not being consumed by thinking my experience should be any different. Then, I would be blown away at how things worked out.

In those times, I would see how my true self moves through my story to support the things I loved to do, to be, or to have in life. When that happened, I would be able to reclaim a little more power from the places my ego had claimed within my story.

So, today, I encourage you to notice when you get in your own way because you want to control an outcome or you have a desire to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Instead, take a breath and allow what is to unfold as it is—knowing that what you feel beyond your judgment of the story is more real.

That the love you feel is more real than your circumstances, whether good or bad.

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