How Motivation Became Fears Engine

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  • on May 12th, 2015|

I have a confession to make… I used to be a motivational junkie. Yep, I used to have all these things I did to keep me motivated every day.

I had my vision board, my goals, and motivational quotes to keep me going. So, even when the going got tough, I could remind myself why I needed to keep going.

I used all that I wanted from life like the carrot that we dangle in front of a donkey—especially when I was down or questioning myself. I used it in an effort all to avoid getting hit by the stick.

But why the hell did I need to live like a donkey? To be honest, it was kind of exhausting. The whole time I felt like I was faking it until I made it.

So why did I need to be motivated? I asked. Why was it all about a push in reaching that goal or arriving at that destination?

Everything that I wanted in life was something separate from me. I wanted freedom. That was when I would finally take that holiday. I wanted security. That was when I would achieve that financial goal. I wanted to be loved. That was when I found the perfect woman.

Everything was about having something I perceived to lack in that moment. So, therefore, I needed to be motivated. This, in turn, made me realize that what I was doing with my life came with massive agendas and a feeling of need. I was actually responding to fear rather than operating from a space of love.

You see: I realized something about motivation. When I was doing something I truly loved, I didn’t need to be motivated. I was actually inspired. So, there was no push required.

No one needed to motivate me to go for a surf, to write, to work out, to travel, or do anything else that I was naturally inspired to do.

I would need motivation only for things that I was doing out of fear—such as going to a job each day in order to pay the bills and survive, staying in a relationship that was no longer serving me because I feared not being loved and being alone.

These were two areas where I constantly needed to motivate myself or work on myself. I believed something was wrong with me, rather than just acknowledging I was doing something that wasn’t true for me.

You may enjoy having to be motivated. I did too, for a while. It was kinda fun and entertaining. However, soon enough, I got tired of it. Tired of not being myself, not being free to enjoy the life I truly loved now, not when.

As I said, the underlying factor was fear. Not trusting in myself because I hadn’t taken the time to know myself. I only knew how to chase a version of myself that I thought was best.

Knowing myself ended all that. I truly came to know I am not the thoughts that move through my mind. I am not the stories I attach myself to. I am not the fear that swims within my circumstances.

When I truly knew I am none of that and much rather the feeling within that only know possibilities, the feeling that is always safe and secure regardless of circumstances. I could then play in life, trusting that feeling as being more real than any part of me looking to be motivated out of fear.

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