How To Break Through Limitation

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  • on May 10th, 2015|

It’s not that I have ever been limited by my circumstances. In truth, I was limited only in my relationship to my circumstances. As they say ‘relationships in life are everything’. The biggest and most profound, of course, is our relationship with ourselves.

It wasn’t until a few years back that I truly looked at who I was and how that relationship was unfolding through my circumstances.

For so long, my relationship with myself depended on how I was feeling about my circumstances. When things in life were great, I felt great. My relationship was totally driven by external factors. Thats when I started to realise I was being limited.

You know what it’s like. When you have everything in balance, you feel that sense of freedom and joy because of how well you’ve worked at your life and loving yourself.

As I’m sure you have, too, I would experience only temporary periods of those times in my life. Then, things would change within my life circumstances and my relationship with myself would crumble.

So, why does this happen to us? Is life really a game of balance?

I don’t think we came here to play a game of balance. It does help. But even when things were in balance, I wasn’t actually truly free. How did I know this? Well, I looked at what happened when circumstances shifted. So, too, did my sense of freedom and joy.

Even when things were in balance, I was still limited. My ego had placed power outside of myself. The power was in my circumstances, not who I was being.

You see: It was who I was being that started to show me how much I was limiting myself. If I was in ego, my identity was built around what I received from and got out of life. Freedom, security, and happiness were based on tangible things in life.

It was all measured according to what I did or didn’t have in my life. So, no matter how much of something I had—such as the most amazing partner ever—I thought it was because of her that I was feeling happiness, joy, and love. If that was the case, then I was limited. If she showed up differently, all of that would change. My power was in the relationship, not myself.

Or an easier one everyone may relate to was my financial circumstances. If things shifted financially, I would feel influenced by my circumstances. If I noticed I was low on money or my income slowed down, I would feel insecure and worry. When my finances where coming in or I had a good amount of savings, I felt secure and wouldn’t think about it.

Further more, all my decisions in life where money was involved, were made depending on how much I had or didn’t have. Therefore I wasn’t free in following what I felt to do regardless.

I found myself making a logical decision rather than following the decision I could feel had already been made. In doing so I was no longer following the feeling which in truth only knows limitless possibilities.

So, how did I get off this roller coaster ride? Well, as I mentioned before, I started to notice who I was being—especially when life seem to become out of balance. I uncovered ways to connect with myself from a being sense.

I had heard that saying before: ‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.’

So, therefore, all my human attachments and needs of anything in life are not of who I am. They are just something which I am experiencing through being.

To fully experience this is to be present to my experience in each moment. Not getting caught up in stories or things of the past or future. All those are things that feed my human state of mind.

My being sense knows only this moment. It is not limited by thoughts relating to my human senses. When being, instead of my mind using me, I use my mind. 

To me, my being sense is the feeling that moves through me. It’s energy. It’s what I truly am.

Therefore, I am not separate from anyone or anything. If I look to build myself up through my circumstances in life, I become separate and therefore controlled by my circumstances.

Being limitless is being uninfluenced by my circumstances and, rather, staying true to what I feel and living in that space. Instead of trying to use the feeling, I become it and move as the feeling.

Are you aware of what you truly feel to do and be without being influence? If so, can you follow the feeling even when life seems to be fighting back you?

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