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Introducing a woman that really knows herself, Alice Nicholls. Through her own journey of facing limitations, Alice is one true Limit Breaker!

Alice has done the work and continues to do the work on remembering her truth. Remembering who she is by following what she feels and embracing all the amazing lessons that come with that. She is full of spark and energy, just in communicating with her over emails, you can feel her presence. She often makes me laugh, as she has a light hearted and cheeky side to her that she loves to embrace life with, and its infectious.

Her passion for supporting woman to live a fulfilled life in all areas is evident and comes to her naturally, make sure you check out what this woman is up to!


Alice’s Story

Alice Nicholls is a Holistic Health Legend and the Director of The Whole Daily. Alice supports women to ‘Screw Beige’ by creating the successful Life Transformation Project, a 4 week eCourse on living, healing, eating and loving better.  

With a background in business, Alice has lectured to over 900 women on creating a healthy social business in an online environment.  The Whole Daily was awarded the Top Womens Empowerment Blog of 2013, Alice was awarded top 30 Health and Wellbeing Bloggers of 2014  and Alice has featured across International sites such as MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, Mamamia, The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone, and has been seen on Network 10’s ‘Wake-Up’ show.  


Alice’s Interview 

What does limitless living mean for you?

Its simple to me. No expectation and no reliance on anyone else for my happiness and fulfilment in life. Giving up fear to pave the way for getting everything I need in life.

What has been your biggest challenge in life where you were faced with limitation in some way? What supported you to move through it?

I’ve spoken a lot about my disordered history with alcohol. I had a drinking problem from 14 through to my late twenties, though continued to work in a corporate environment and move ‘up’. We have a pretty ingrained drinking culture in Australia and my problem was laughed off, swept under the rug or ignored by other people because I was making money and I looked good, but it was clouding my life and holding me back from being the best version of myself, from showing up for my family and from giving me freedom to be free.

Having spent so long worrying about it I was like a candle with a breeze blowing on it, just keeping alight. I could have lived my entire life with a mask on and a weight on my shoulders.

What I did was remind myself who I really was at my core, which was powerful and made of love. I started studying emotional wellness and all of these bells started ringing in my ear. The story of struggle I had painted for myself was an illusion. The idea that I would be nothing without my crutch was an excuse. The idea that I would be less than was my Ego talking. I finally put away that little girl who felt so hard done by for a rough upbringing and created a destiny that is fitting of the real me. I supported my own self through it because when it comes down to it, it is only me.

How often do you follow your intuition/gut feel in life?

Yes, I trust my intuition because it knows much better than I do at times.  Intuition can be a very powerful feeling, though it can also make us feel exposed. We are called upon to trust our inner most self to know the right answer.  

We have all experienced times in our lives where we ask a question of ourselves in a time of struggle and an answer pops into our minds immediately.  That is our intuition speaking.  At times it’s going to polarise you because what you think you want is not what your intuition tells you that you need in your life.  We instinctively know the answer yet we may still go in the opposite direction and this is where we find ourselves in stormy seas. Acting on your intuition is how you will get what you need in this life, what you dream of, a sense of enlightenment and freedom as well as true health and wellbeing. If we don’t live consciously though, we miss the opportunity to form a relationship with our intuition.  

Can you describe the feeling or space you are in when doing what you love?

Eckhart Tolle writes; “there is inner stillness. And within that stillness there is a subtle but intense joy, there is love, there is peace.”

How important has it been for you in working on yourself? Did you or do you have a mentor?

I have many mentors and not many of them know me personally. I am a seeker and I study every single day. I have never worked as hard on anything as I have my own personal development in the last 2 years. Marianne Williamson has been pivotal in my life – she of the self-love lessons and teaching me how to release my expectations from others. Geneen Roth for her work with women, food and God, Teal Swan for her spiritual connectedness.

So lets say in this moment you are totally limitless, free and happy. What would you love to do next?    

I feel that there are a lot seeking some type of enlightenment and going to an Ashram in India for a week, a silent retreat for two weeks in Nepal, a trek in Thailand or spending a week at a health retreat to learn how to just ‘be’. While these are all wonderful I’m sure, to ‘be’- to be able to centre ourselves enough to achieve the most blissful state of fulfilment – we need to learn to just ‘be’in our own front yard, in our car at the traffic lights or when we walk along the exact same route we take every single day.

I am limitless, free and happy and what I will do next is walk outside my front door stare at the sky.

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