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I love finding people that are naturally motivated, why?

Well when I find someone that is motivated, its because they feel inspired and when you are inspired then motivation comes naturally. The reason for this is because that person is doing what is true for them. People that are doing what is true for them have usually had to take that leap in following their hearts and busting through there own limitations.

Bianca or as she calls her self, Bee, Is doing whats true for her in supporting people to move, nourish and listen to their bodies. Its her way of giving back each day. Enjoy meeting this awesome girl!

Bianca Doyle

Bee’s Interview

What does limitless living mean for you?

Limitless living means not being restricted by what the general population believes you should be doing to live a happy life. Limitless living should be breaking the norm, experiencing challenges, embracing change and giving more than receiving.

What has been your biggest challenge in life where you were faced with limitation in some way? What supported you to move through it?

There have definitely been a fair few challenges but a big one that impacted my swimming days was an ongoing rotator cuff injury (pinch in the front of the shoulder). When you try to put every effort into your training but physically you are stopped by a pinching shoulder, you are only forced to stop, rest and stretch it. The only way to move through this injury was to stop.

This was the hardest part as it was totally out of my control. I went to the physio more than I did training and the injury improved through various physio exercises and rest. It’s funny that when such a physical limitation is presented to you, it is just as much a mental battle also. What I learnt was when you actually listen to your body and cater to its needs, the recovery is a lot faster and finds a way to make it feel brand new again.

How often do you follow your intuition/gut feel in life? Why?

I am a huge believer in following your gut and it would be safe to say that I follow it 90% of the time. When your gut has the intuition to fight or flight, the body has it’s way of telling you how it really feels about a situation. Now when I think about it, sometimes it can be quite an awful feeling!

So what is it that you absolutely love to do in life? Can you describe how you feel and the space you’re in when you are doing it?

I absolutely love to help people. Doesn’t just have to be fitness and health related either. Could be something like donating my clothes to the Smith Family, help someone pick up the coins they just dropped or help someone with positive affirmations if they are feeling down or sad. There is no better feeling than having someone be there when you need help. That’s why I started Femphysique as a platform to help and inspire women to feel empowered towards a fitter lifestyle. A life surrounded by active living has no down sides!

What age would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? 

Oh I’d have to say 20 years old. Even though it’s only 3 years off what I am now I still feel like I have just broken out of my teenage years. The big wide world is still ahead of me and I’m ready!

If you knew that no one would judge you, what would you do differently?

Wear sports crop tops instead of bras. I find that my sports crop tops are way more comfortable and supportive than the every day bra. But what you can’t see you can’t judge….

What do you love most about yourself?

My positive attitude. Most people are surprised at how I see the positive in every situation. I usually perceive failure as a learning experience and to better myself from the mistake I just made. Let’s face it, no one is perfect so why should we all expect ourselves to be?

What’s the biggest lie you once believed was true?

That lollies are o% fat free!

Do you ask questions, or do you just settle for what you know?

If you settle for what you know then how will you better yourself? I love to ask questions to find out more information. You can never learn too much.

So lets say in this moment you are totally limitless, free and happy. What would you love to do next?

I would travel around the globe to help people get off their backsides to start moving more and sitting less! This way it would help people increase their self esteem and self belief. That way, they can too live a limitless life.

 Who Is Bee?

Hello! I’m Bee, a fitness enthusiast since the age of 4, who has always wanted to help inspire others to enjoy the fitness lifestyle.

As a national swimmer in my teens, fitness has always been a part of the everyday regimen.

I was a learn to swim teacher and coach for 6 years which really fuelled my passion to help others love the feeling of accomplishing their goals. It was such a rewarding feeling to transform a terrified crying child to a child who would jump freely into the deep end. Through having a solid knowledge of the sport with a friendly and inspiring attitude, I was able to help the children love water and that’s why I want to help women jump into the deep end the same way I helped each child. I am always wanting to increase my knowledge about fitness and health as you can see by with the below qualifications.

Bachelor of Commerce-Marketing
Sports Nutrition certified
Fitness Business Manager (Diploma of Management, Cert IV in Small Business Management and Cert IV in Small Business Sales)
Cert III in Fitness graduate and currently studying Certificate IV in Fitness

As a result of my busy lifestyle, I like to cook quick, easy and yet nutritious recipes, as I am not one to slave in the kitchen.

simple food

You may notice, learning more about fitness and health is where my passion lies and more importantly, sharing this information with YOU to help YOU achieve a fitter lifestyle.

Here’s to feeling empowered and inspired!

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