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Pushing the limits is what Corbin Harris does everyday, mentally and physically, and he gets paid too!

Check out his latest Westfield Shopping Centre ad where he gets to land on the top of a shopping centre in a helicopter and skate through it whilst it was closed to the public.

In his interview, Corbin shares some great insights about how he has come to live the life he loves, enjoy!

Corbin Harris

Corbin’s Interview 

What does limitless living mean for you?

Limitless living means doing what I love & making goals and dreams come true. Knowing that I can do whatever I put my heart and mind to. I’m lucky enough to be in a very creative industry where I can think of places to go then fly there, dream up a video concept, then make it. It’s an amazing position and I am very grateful.

What has been your biggest challenge in life where you were faced with limitation in some way? What supported you to move through it?

I think it’s normal to be faced with what feels like a brick wall in your way from time to time. Sometimes it’s something really tough, other times its more your mentality, not being able to clearly see a way through it. My parents & grandparents have been the biggest inspirations to vocally push me to keep going and keep creating my own destiny. It’s also important to recognize these moments and consciously try and work through them mentally – there is often a way through staring you in the face, you’ve just got to find it! 

How often do you follow your intuition/gut feel in life? Why?

Everyday, I have something inside me that keeps saying don’t stop keep going and it will be all good! I’m convinced I’m meant to be on this earth doing exactly what I’m doing whether is skateboarding, TV presenting or any crazy opportunity that pops up in between. I’m about to jump out of a helicopter on a skateboard for a Westfield campaign I’m working on.. No time to think too much about things or take life too seriously.

So what is it that you absolutely love to do in life? Can you describe how you feel and the space your in when your doing it?

My main passions in life are skateboarding and exercise. I also love being exposed to new things that might even frighten me or push me out of my comfort zone. I struggled with anxiety in my early 20s. It completely took over and doctors were continually trying to get me to prescribe to medicines to deal with it. I found it within me to cope with it my own way and I’m a much stronger and better person for it. Skateboarding was a huge part of the process. It makes me feel like anything is possible and I feel creative & free.


How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? 

That’s the hardest question I have ever been asked…

What does living from your heart mean to you and do you find it easy to express how you feel?

I have a very tight group of people that I express my views and feelings to. It has to be that way when you are in a job like mine. Non stop travel and meeting new people. You have to be ON all the time. No time not to be.

What do you love most about yourself?

Its a tough one to answer but I’d say my ability to always find the fun! No one likes a guy who takes life or himself too seriously.

What’s the biggest lie you once believed was true?

Letting people convince me I wasn’t able to achieve anything that I put my mind to. Got news for those naysayers… I’m here and I hope you stopped being negative and concentrated on yourself instead of being a dampener on others!

Do you ask questions, or do you just settle for what you know?

Never stop asking questions and never stop learning!!

So lets say in this moment you are totally limitless, free and happy. What would you love to do next?

Exactly what I’m about to do. Be the most motivated person I can be and stay hungry!

corbin harris kerry combo

Who Is Corbin?

This Pro skateboarder & Television Host is always smiles and high fives with a very known side for being hungry, passionate and determined to get where he needs too.

By the age of 30 he has Gone Pro for Element skateboards with his own signature boards, designed clothing ranges, Hosted two of his own shows in Australia (Corbin Presents & POP Gun on Fueltv) Hosted red carpet for MTV Awards/Foxtel , Author of – Corbin Harris Ultimate guide to Skateboarding, Guest Editor of- “Shop till you drop” Mens annual fashion magazine, Hosted Formula One interviews with World champion Sebastian Vettal, Toured with Tony Hawk & spoke at leading international seminars together and made the move to the USA and within the first year has been hosting for the best networks in Sport ESPN and NBC.
The flood gates have opened.

NIKE, Corbin’s sponsor for over a decade Quoted this- Corbin is contagious. It may actually be impossible to not have a good time in this mans presence. Not many skaters can say they’ve successfully hosted their own television show and maintained their commitment to being a legitimate professional skateboarder. Corbin can and although his fashion sense and style may vary day to day depending on his mood, his approach to skateboarding doesn’t. Balls out, hard and fast, Corbs puts it all in whether he’s skating some sketchy old park or walking the red carpet.

God only knows what he has planned to tackle in the next few years.

Follow Corbin’s journey here;

Instagram: @corbinharris

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