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Sometimes there are people in life who you’ve known for many years, even maybe the majority of your life. But they seem to be just someone amongst the characters we know. Then one day they grab your attention. You no longer just notice them but you feel them. Why? I believe its because they open their soul and be themselves, and thats hard not to notice because it’s also rare.

Emica Penklis is one of those people in my life, I not only notice her but she is someone I feel a connection with as the way she shows up is inspiring to me. Emica is someone truly living life in doing what she loves and taking it just one step at a time.

Today I’m honoured to share with you this creative souls inspiring interview, enjoy!


What does limitless living mean for you?

Limitless living to me means to be who you are and to have an understanding of what that actually means, to be free of doubt and fear. To trust in life and to surrender to it all, it is a feeling that you have inside when you let go of everything. It feels like floating, calm and joy for no reason other than that you are alive and you are present in the moment.

Limitless living means no dreams are too big, no ideas can’t be achieved and you live each filled with love. It can sound corny, though when you can overcome the duality that makes the psychical realm a tangible experience, then you will know how amazing life can be, it really opens up the universe.

What has been your biggest challenge in life where you were faced with limitation in some way? What supported you to move through it?

I would have to say my biggest challenge was depression and to learn to transcend self doubt. It took years of not understanding or accepting the society we live in, it just made no sense to me. We work in jobs we hate, for money to buy things we don’t need and everyones walking around complaining all the time. So conditioned by the media, money, the external and afraid of everything. I never understood this paradigm and it really weighed down on me, as I was so different inside and it took me a while to work out how to embrace and shift this.

I realised that where I placed my attention would become my reality and the only way to change this state of society was to accept it and find, even if it killed me, something I loved to do and was passionate about. I went through years of wanting to save the world, by searching for ways that I could do this. It wasn’t until it dawned on me one day that by being the most authentic, inspired, love filled version of myself was how one truly does save the world and by transforming my inner world I was transforming my outer world.

I also struggled to truly love myself, years of modelling did have an impact on my self worth. Though in those dark days of hating myself I had some incredible epiphanies which have given me so much insight into the workings of the mind. When you get to the point where you are so overcome by fear and hate, you realise that you do have a choice in this situation and you are the sole key holder responsible for your happiness.

In those dark moments I found that I was connected to everything and everything was connected to me. It was really liberating, also transcending duality and seeing the whole from a new perspective outside of my self pity and self indulgence was freeing. It was a real wake up call to step up and be grateful and use everything I had being gifted with to serve and to give back. Depression is a gift in a way, because if you can over come it and see it as a much needed step in the evolution of your soul you will be free.

How often do you follow your intuition/gut feel in life? Why?

Always, because there is no other way; I feel intuition in my body and energy levels. If I am around some one or a situation that makes me tired or drained I often know that this is not the right place for me to be. Also when something or someone inspires me and excites me I go with that, I now trust myself enough to go with the situations and people that make me feel most alive.

I am still remembering how to really tune into my intuition, this is one of my main goals in life; to be totally guided and connected to the higher source. I find that in silence I can really tap into my intuition. Also I know to be mindful as feelings can sometimes lead you astray if they stem from past experiencing, so its important to know what you want and recognise where your feelings are coming from. I think intuition is more of a knowing than a feeling.

So what is it that you absolutely love to do in life? Can you describe how you feel and the space you’re in when you are doing it?

I love to create, I sat back the other day and I realised that my so called distractions, which was creating desserts, writing and learning; have now become my life. In this creative space I feel alive and expansive. I love too many things!

I absolutely love to be in love all of the time, with everything; I feel love and then do things. Sometimes I love doing nothing if thats what I need in the moment. I know that it can sound naive, though it is through love that I find strength.

What age would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

I would be infinite, because thats what I am.

What does living from your heart mean to you and do you find it easy to express how you feel?

Honestly it means everything, I would rather be dead then living a lie. I have tried lying to myself in the past and it did almost kill me (well my soul). I find it very easy to express how I feel, my heart is on my sleeve and one of thing most important to me is self expression in all forms. I feel as a collective if we all expressed ourselves more and weren’t afraid of being judged we would have less illness, less depression and way more fun. Sometimes people take me the wrong way and I can seem insensitive, though its the opposite, I think living from the heart is true compassion/love and is very healing for the individual, humanity and the universe.

What do you love most about yourself?

I love my spirit, its what keeps my life inspiring and is what keeps me motivated to keep curious, growing, knowing, remembering and exploring. I also love my ability to put myself in some one else shoes, I guess we would call this compassion.

What’s the biggest lie you once believed was true?

Big question, for me the biggest lie I ever told myself that was that someone else knew better than I did. When I was younger I put my power in others around me and didn’t listen to my own intuition, I didn’t trust myself, when you lie to yourself for too long you forget who you are.

If you knew that no body would judge you, what would you do differently?

Dance more, spend more time nude and go skinny dipping, I know that could sound insane, though I wish everyone was a little more insane/sane. I would also be a very eccentric artist of some sort, singer, painter, musician etc. Though in reality no one really cares what another does, insecurity stems from somewhere deeper than judgement. I don’t think people really judge me and if they are silly enough to do so then so be it. I am beyond buying into what someone else thinks of me.

So lets say in this moment you are totally limitless. What would you love to do next?

I would love to fly and be totally connected to the source, also to shake all of the greed, oppression and separation off the the planet so we could get on with a harmonious, inspired, connected, humble and creative exisitance. As well as awaken the infinite potential we all possess beneath the programming and conditioning. We are capable of so much more than what we are aware of. I would also like to create heaven on earth for all, it is possible.

Who Is Emica?

Emica Penklis is one creative soul that literally is pouring her love into life through her Loco Love organic raw chocolate company.

loco love

After a background in fashion design and modeling, Emica now brings her extensive awareness and qualifications in herbal medicine, nutrition, meditation, eating psychology and holistic counseling into what she does daily.

If Emica isn’t making chocolate or creating new salubrious recipes, she is either holding private consultations with clients, modeling or writing.

Emica’s greatest desire is to eventually write about love and create art everyday, all day. For now you will just have to put up with her incredibly delicious and healthy chocolates.

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Instagram: @emicapenklis and @locolovechocolate

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