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I call her my creative minx as she is one very creative soul. SJ as she is more likely to be called, has a flare for creativity around brand design and implementation. Her agency motto is simple: Create Epic Shit!

She knows how to capture the most amazing pictures when shooting and has a natural instinct for finding that aesthetic that best represents who you are and what your brand stands for. I decided to feature her on Limit Breakers because shes just made the leap in opening her agency after working behind the scenes in house for some well known companies.

Straight off the bat the agency has been super busy. I don’t put that down to luck, as you will read below her attitude to herself and life is pretty awesome! Enjoy!

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SJ’s Interview

What does limitless living mean for you?

Living how you want to live and doing what you love. There’s a quote that sums it up perfectly… ‘I try not to make any decisions I’m not excited about.’

What has been your biggest challenge in life where you were faced with limitation in some way? What supported you to move through it?

My decision to walk away from being a musician. That was a doozey! I had spent a good 10 years of my life dedicated to it and a lot of people identified music as being what made me, me! But in the end I knew it was taking up so much space in my life that I couldn’t find what was next… so I packed away the keyboard and thought I’d give graphic design a crack! And I fucking LOVE IT!

How often do you follow your intuition/gut feel in life? Why?

All the time – there is a joke within my family that I am a bit of a risky unpredictable cat cause I have started so many courses and didn’t finish them or just up and leave a place or a job. When something doesn’t feel right for me – it’s like a switch in my head flips and I just stop doing it. If you don’t like your life… change it. I am a big believer in that!

So what is it that you absolutely love to do in life?

Creating – I was born to create. My work is what I love! There is something so awesome about helping someone breathe colour and life into their brand. A lot of the time the business (up to that point) has just been an idea, a plan and spreadsheets and you make it tangible and give it a personality, its actually like helping birth a baby! It’s amazing!


What age would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

Haha! Well I actually never feel like I am an age at all (or I’m just not sure what it is) – and I always assume that everyone around me is the same non-descript age as me. Makes me really bad at guessing ages!

If you knew that no one would judge you, what would you do differently?

Hmmm… well I try to live my life with the attitude of FUCK IT, just do what you want. And surround myself with people who support me… most of the time it works well!

What do you love most about yourself?

My sense of humor – I love to laugh and find most things extremely funny (including myself). Thus my slightly embarrassing love for terrible rom coms!

What’s the biggest lie you once believed was true?

Life is a hard grind… you hear it all the time. Life wasn’t meant to be easy… I call BULLSHIT on that. Sure there are patches that may be a bit tough but overall I’d say it’s pretty awesome!

If there was one thing you would no longer need to think about it, what would be?

Spelling… my spelling is a nightmare thanks to my dyslexic brain… I could be staring right at a spelling error that took up a whole A4 page and still send it off to a client… haha! Luckily I have co-workers who enter spelling bees for fun – and computers with spell check. However that can just trick you, haha!

What’s your favorite quote?

Well I don’t know about my favorite quote but the one that reverberated in my soul and changed my thinking was…

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs”. – Tony Gaskins

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