Not Letting Fear Take Me Hostage

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  • on December 18th, 2014|

Over the past few days in Sydney, we have had to deal with the experience of a hostage siege ending with three people losing their lives. It took place right in the heart of our city. For many, it was also felt within their hearts.

All sorts of emotions are experienced by people when we become involved in a story such as this. The reason I use the words “when we become involved” is because it is always our choice.

I always have a choice to engage in what’s unfolding around me or not. I don’t block it out. I observe it. There is a difference between observing something and engaging in it.

You may say, “How can I not be engaged in something like this? It is happening in my country, in my home city.”

We have nothing to fear, but the fear itself.

Things happen all around the world. We see things in the news every day. We have a choice about whether we want to engage ourselves.

In the past, if I was drawn into things happening in the world that represent some type of fear, I was only distracted by it because it was my own fears at play.

If I was really honest with myself, I wasn’t in fear, grief, or sadness for other people or the circumstances. It was my own fear, grief, or sadness I was already feeling within. I was having it express through the stories I saw in the world rather than owning it myself.

Having had practice, for some years now, in bringing my awareness back to myself, who I truly am is not this identity. I am one, limitless energy. Instead of separating from these experiences I see in the world, I now see it for what it really is. It is only myself as that energy expressing in different forms.

Rather than judging it or labeling it, I find myself holding space for it and accepting what is.

I’m appreciative that I didn’t come here to express myself in playing the roles of a hostage victim or someone taking hostages. Therefore, I also don’t make it my business by becoming engaged and distracted by the story of what has unfolded.

If I am to see the other people as something separate in the roles they are playing and judge what has happened in any form, then I’m seeing separation and inviting fear into the picture.

Fear is a choice, because love is all there is.

When we are present, fear cannot exist because we are not entertaining the idea of it with our minds.

If I was to do this, all I am doing is placing power outside of me. I then think it’s me and what’s out there in the world that can hurt me.

Imagine, for a moment, going into a cinema to watch an action thriller, or drama movie. It’s you that have decided to watch this movie and pay for a ticket in appreciation for the many moving parts and people that have made this movie. In doing so, you sit down and observe it. You are entertained by it and even drawn in by it.

Once the movie is finished, you get up, leave the cinema, and get on with whatever is next in your day. You don’t take with you what happened in that movie and start living your life differently or carrying the emotions and experiences you had in watching this movie.

Why? Because you know it was just a movie. Something you choose to watch and experience.

When I say you chose to experience something, I am not talking about myself as this identity. I’m talking about the me which is unconditional love, energy.

Why then would I—as love—come to experience such things? Well all I can say is that, in my own experience, I believe that when I have faced times that I labeled as horrific or tough I did so to believe this experience was truly real.

So the experience drew me in and made me forget I was unconditional love, until I started to awaken to this movie I call life and observing what is. It was only then that I had a choice about whether I wanted to buy into fear.

Instead of thinking life was happening around me or to me, all I saw was myself in all that is. Then my practice was choosing to remember the unconditional love I already am—rather than buying into the fear.

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