I have been mentored by Jamie for the past year.  Whether I’m happy or sad or really angry he has been steady in his ability to help me always find my truth.  Jamie’s coaching has helped me get through some very difficult times. His compassion, humor and non-judgmental approach has helped me to grow and remember and live more fully my own truth.  Jamie has been an integral part of my journey!

Carolyn Ross MD,MPH – USA
Eating Disorder & Integrative Medicine Consultant

Jamie is a wonderful mentor with huge heart! He is very open and has a gentle way about him which puts me at ease when speaking with him. Jamie has a way of allowing me to realize for myself what the truth is, especially during difficult times. He is most appreciated!

Anna Braheem – USA

When I first signed up for mentoring with Jamie  I really had no idea what would be involved or how life changing it could be, there was just a strong feeling that this was something I had to do and I am so glad I acted on that feeling.

On the outside I was ticking all of the boxes for what I had come to define as success in my life but on the inside I felt completely numb and was starting to feel further and further away from my true self and what really matters to me. Jamie’s infectious zest for life spoke to me, it was obvious that he lives and breathes his message and I wanted in to this way of life!

After only a few months, I am feeling like a different Woman. In coming to understand and experience the Truth of my being, the fears, judgments and agendas I had been clinging to so tightly are melting away and I’m feeling more “Me” than ever before.  There were times when letting go and getting honest with myself was far from  easy but Jamie holds a very powerful space which helped me to feel safe and comfortable to just Be with everything that needed to be. Through any of my resistance and emotions that arose there was a constant hand of encouragement and support helping to pull me further forward.

In allowing these transitions within myself, the external shifts in relationships, business and life in general have been powerful and more effortless than anything I have experienced before. It feels like taking a first breath or opening your eyes for the first time and realising how beautiful and free life truly is. And the best thing for me is there’s no turning back now, this is just the start of a new way of living. #Hellyeaahh!!

Jess Mester 
Director – AUS

“Jamie Gonzalez is an infectious, passionate, spirited guy who gives light to everyone around him. His daily practice of seizing the moment and living from the heart inspires everyone he engages with. He shines with integrity, grace and spirit. The world needs more Jamie’s to remind us that life is not a destination but being connected to all things, right now. “

Wesley Carr
Musician – AUS

Jamie has always been there for me, not only as a friend, but as a mentor – guiding me through the good times and the bad. He shines light on dark moments and leads me with love, strength and intuition.

Hermione Underwood

Being mentored by Jamie is not for the faint-hearted. He has the remarkable ability to create a powerful space in which despite the discomfort, I was able to start being totally honest with myself and identify the limiting thoughts and behaviours that held me back.

Every session is like flicking on the light switch of a Christmas tree – the ‘ah-ha’s’ keep on coming swiftly followed by the shifts in everyday living. Mentoring with Jamie is raw, profound and life-changing. Life has never felt so good.

Rebecca Law
Nourish Co Group – AUS

“What I love about Jamie is his warmth, openness and huge heart. His nature is fun and light, but he won’t sugar coat it for you. He intuitively knows how best to support you in each moment by allowing you to see the things that you have not been able to see for yourself.

I highly recommend Jamie as a mentor as I know you will leave a better version of yourself for it.  A real genuine guy. He seriously rocks!”

Monica Kade
Intuitive Coach
Writer, Speaker.

Mentoring with Jamie was a true turning point in my life, my business and my relationship with myself. When I started working with Jamie, I had no idea how much my ego and my fears were running the show in my life. I constantly felt anxious and mentally consumed by the need to strive for outcomes and results in order to feel happy in myself.

I approached our sessions with the hope that our work would help ‘fix’ me, but instead I have walked away with a deep sense of peace and inner knowing that there is truly nothing that needs to be fixed. I have come to know and experience the truth of who I am on such a deep and profound level that so many of the ‘problems’ that used to plague me have simply fallen away. I feel calm, grounded and centered in myself and the way that I approach my business, my relationship and all other areas of my life has completely changed.

In every session, I felt a tangible shift either through Jamie’s super intuitive ability to sense exactly what I was feeling, to ask the exact right question or simply hold space for me to experience what was coming up for me. I felt so supported and completely safe to be able to peel away fears, release old emotions and get really honest with myself.

After only a few months I feel like a completely different person and I am so grateful for the mentoring and guidance I received from Jamie.

Connie Chapman
Transformation Coach
Dream Life Designer

I’ve known Jamie Gonzalez personally and professionally for over 2 years and I would describe him as an individual who wears his heart on his sleeve. Jamie is a trust worthy and inspiring person who loves raising the standards of living for anyone he comes in contact with.

I’ve seen Jamie become an inspiration not only to himself, but to his family, peers and clients. His energy and personality is most friendly, relatable and definitely infectious. Jamie is also very moving coach and a charismatic speaker. And I truly loved having him as a key and influential member of our team here at Be Free People.

Amir Zoghi
Managing Director
Be Free People





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