Stepping into Your Power

  • Posted by Jamie|
  • on March 13th, 2015|

Well, let’s be straight up—just so we don’t start off in some woo woo context. The truth is: We’ve always been, and always will be, powerful. However, somewhere along the line, we tricked ourselves into believing we took a side step.

I used to look at my life and feel stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, controlled, anxious, and sometimes just down right depressed. I really felt—for lack of a better word—powerless.

It was like the world was against me. There was nothing I could do but just take it right on the chin. Everything I tried would always lead me back to the same place.

So, one day, at one of my lowest of points, I decided to give up. I gave up on thinking I was a victim to my life. I realized that, being freaked out about everything or overwhelmed by it all, wasn’t going to help me.

At that moment of lease resistance, I felt different. It was like, suddenly, I had found peace and calm. I didn’t do anything. Nothing had changed in my story. I just noticed myself feeling different once I stopped engaging and resisting my story and those current circumstances.

Instead of being stuck, I felt free. I felt free from my own mind. I then realized that trying to figure out, understand, or find any logical way of working out my life was a total dead end.

So, in giving my mind the boot, I stepped into some other space: A space which felt light and where things, once again, felt possible.

Instead of being limited by my thinking according to my story, I found a place where I was limitless in being myself. This is where the crazy part comes in….

I started doing things I loved without a care for what was possible according to my story. The thought: “No! You can’t do that because…” or “You’re not good enough to be doing that because…” or “Doing that now is irresponsible considering your circumstances…” became just a silent murmur in the back of my mind.

The crazy part was: By simply choosing what I noticed that I had a love for, things would happen without my needing to get in the way and make it happen.

So, next time you are feeling overwhelmed by something, take a chill pill. Let go. Find your own stillness. Then, eventually, I’m sure you will notice the feeling of what you love wanting to be expressed through you.

Through your own direct experience, you will then realise that you have always been powerful for simply being yourself. It was just all the thinking and attention on who you are not that tricks you into believing you are not.

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