The ONE Thing That Changes Everything

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  • on March 11th, 2015|

We all have it. We all do it in some way, shape or form. It’s our one thing that we so naturally and effortlessly find ourselves doing in life.

Take a moment and reflect on your life. Find that one thing that you do so effortlessly. What comes to you so naturally that you find yourself not even thinking about it whilst doing it? You could say you almost drop into a meditative state doing this one thing.

For some it could be cooking, running, painting, writing, playing, sewing, styling, parenting, singing, accounting or making love… Really! It can be anything.

This one thing is your key to freedom… 

The one thing that I first noticed I did so effortlessly was running. I would hit the soft sands of Bondi Beach. Within minutes, I would find myself in another world.

In that world it’s like I have an awareness of what I’m doing. But, at the same time, I am so deeply immersed in it that I feel I don’t have to try. I almost can watch myself running whilst being present in each and every step.

I notice that, in this space, my mind is quiet. I wasn’t distracted by things outside of the moment or feeling like I had to be anywhere else. As I ran, I wasn’t focused on how many laps I had to go or how fast I was or wasn’t going. I just enjoyed each stride.

Finding this one thing is an important step for anyone looking to integrate an effortless way of being in his/her life. If you can experience anything like what I share in an area of your life, then you can experience it in all areas, all the time.

I know this because I took what I was experiencing in my running and integrated it into areas of my life where I felt stressed, overwhelmed, or under any sort of pressure.

I noticed all the things that were opposite to how I was ‘feeling’ and what I was ‘experiencing’ in these other areas of my life. I then made a conscious choice not to react or engage with myself outside of the guidelines I found within my one thing.

It was amazing! All the stress, sense of being overwhelmed, and the pressure were all my own doing. When I started to simply notice this and then show up in ways that felt more aligned to the experience I would enjoy, things in that area of my life changed very quickly. In most cases, I didn’t even do anything except be aware of myself and things would shift.

In business, where I found myself falling into stress and feeling overwhelmed at times, results and outcomes would flow more naturally. I was able to bring my complete awareness to challenges or hurdles. Instead of automatically approaching things from a forced state of thinking, I was able to open my thinking up by not falling into mind sets which only frustrated me.

I used the experience of my one thing to remember that I need take each challenge step by step. I let go of being attached to the end result. Instead, I let the steps unfold naturally.

This brought about big changes and a totally new experience within business. At first, I found it challenging to trust myself in discovering a completely new process. Part of me wanted to hold on to how I knew things to be or get done.

Eventually, it wasn’t just business. Other areas of my life started to reflect changes as I brought further awareness to how I was showing up.

If you haven’t already figured out your one thing, today, I encourage you to find it. When you are next in the experience of it, observe yourself. Notice what you are doing and then compare that to other areas of your life where you experience the opposite.

Let me know what happens!

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