The Reason Behind All Reason

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  • on August 6th, 2015|

It’s so normal to want to find a reason for why things occur. We started doing it from the moment we can remember experiencing our life story. We do it so we can tangibly explain what is. When doing so, we feel safe and secure through our understanding of it all.

Then, why did letting go of reason start to free me?

I’m sure, just like me, you have had those moments when you feel happy for no reason at all. You just are.

But it’s usually only a moment later that we discover the reason for our being happy. Or, alas, we find another reason why we shouldn’t be happy.

It’s like waking up early, hitting the beach, and enjoying a brisk swim whilst the sun rises. In that experience, I’m happy. Why? Well you might say it’s because I’m outside, having a swim in the ocean, and feeling a new day unfold around me.

All of that is true. But that is only true through my human senses. For, in each moment, there is a deeper truth: one without reason.

In each moment, I experience myself here, in my story. That is what experiencing being human and living life is all about. Things unfold, moment to moment, as the role I am playing is experienced by who I truly am in that moment. Just like an actor playing his character in a movie.

But, at the same time, I am also none of that which I perceive to be experiencing. The true me is in and through all things. However, I am pretending to be only of this body, my thoughts, and the experiences that come with it all. This gives me a sense of identity. It keeps me separate.

True freedom sets in when we realize that we are the writer and director of our own movie. By letting go of only believing we are this characters identity, true freedom sets in.

Reason keeps me locked into believing all I am is this character. Instead of living without reason, which is a total openness to life, my character must exist within reason. So I would consistently be looking for reasons for this character to exist.

True unconditional love has no reason, to live for love is to love without reason

Stripping it away can feel somewhat crazy. In doing so, I can sometimes find myself questioning who I am. This questioning I invite because, in doing so, I get to see all the ways in which I was defining myself.

It’s only when we see how we are defined within our own stories that we can then let go of who we think we are

When this happens, I find myself totally open to being. I am more myself than ever before. I am no longer giving myself reason to fit into a boxed reality I had built through my own mind.

This boxed reality keeps me confined to rules about who I should be. What I could have, would have, and should have done. This then leaves me stuck between two voices within my own mind. This is where I notice myself getting lost in thought.

To live freely, we must come to know one voice: The one that moves through us without reason. The voice of unconditional love.

The only way to know this voice is to trust in what you feel without judgment and to show up for that. Then, within our own individual experiences, we come to truly experience this unconditional love.

But, as I said, don’t judge yourself. The moment you start to reason as to why you should have or shouldn’t have been who you were being or what you were experiencing, thoughts flood in and the mind takes away your capacity to live with free will.

It’s not easy. I know from experience. Trusting what I feel without reason has brought on some of the most challenging circumstances of my life. Nevertheless, in knowing I was showing up for what I felt, I am freer than ever before. Further more I have then come to know its not my circumstances that are real, but all that I feel which is truly real.


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