To Feel Or Think?

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  • on June 18th, 2015|

Deciding between what we feel and think is one of the most challenging dilemmas in life.

One part of us feels one thing. Then, a moment later, another part of us has so much to think about.

The truth is that, as soon as we think we must decide, we are no longer following the feeling. The feeling, which is who you truly are, has always decided. Our minds just like to think we have some control in the matter.

What would happen if we took the thinking part out? How radical would you be prepared to live based on what you feel without questioning it?

I have spent most my life taking steps that I had logically worked out. At times, I credited my smart self for making the right decision. At other times, I blamed and judged myself for making the wrong decision.

Then, one day, I came to realize something: Whether I had made the wrong or the right decision was just a self-judgment based on my perception of the circumstances.

In truth, as long as I wasn’t allowing my story to influence me, I had been free to do as I pleased regardless of what my mind would make of outcomes and results.

What my mind would make of everything had been keeping me caged in to a life lived only halfheartedly. Instead of living from my soul, I was swimming around in my story, the ego was getting its party on!

Therefore, when things felt true for me, I would sometimes back away from taking action with what I felt because of the limitations I would buy into.

Things such as being fearful of certain outcomes and possibilities ahead in taking what sometimes felt like a leap of faith, would consume me.

Would I run out of money? Would I end up alone? Could my life fall apart? Would I become a complete failure? Am I giving up an opportunity? Could I survive?

These questions and where they led only fed my fears.

But, I also knew I could feed another part of me. The part I could feel within. Love. That feeling that moved me from deep within my soul and seemed unconcerned about outcomes or fear of failure.

For so long I had been living life only to ensure balance. At the same time, that balance was keeping me imprisoned. I was already failing at truly living by playing it safe according to my story and how everything looked.

I wanted to be free of my story. Instead of relying on it in any way, I wanted to move through it as I stayed open to each new moment.

In this space, my story is there to be wholeheartedly experienced but not to influence me in who I am being.

It’s like watching a movie, experiencing all the different scenes and the emotions that come with them, but then knowing you will get up from your seat and continue on to the next moment in your life without making anything that you experienced in that movie mean anything. It’s just a movie!

So, in having this same awareness about life, I then started to become free to trust what I felt. I felt free to do and be only what felt true in each moment. Instead of being controlled by the meaning I had placed in life, I found true meaning in being myself each moment.

I’m not suggesting you totally disregard thinking. I still use my mind for many things in life. It’s like hopping into a car and having to drive it. You have to steer the wheel and apply pressure to the accelerator, brake, etc. But you don’t let the car control you.

Now rather than my mind using me, I use it, as I become the feeling that moves through me.

So for myself, I stay connected to the that feeling, I be it and then notice the thoughts. Call me crazy, but yes, I don’t think first, I feel and what a beautiful ride it has become.

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