Using Fear To Free Myself

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  • on May 19th, 2015|

Does fear shut you down, close you off and have you scrambling for a solution to a problem? Or does it wake you up and have you bringing attention to yourself?

You see: the latter isn’t a reaction. It is more an observation. It is being able to see what is unfolding without judgment and in doing so fear usually melts away as you remain present to what is.

When I used to experience fear in my life, I would be consumed by my circumstances. My mind would be obsessed by my story. It would have me believe I had to come up with a way out in being in judgment of where I was.

At this point, without even realizing it, I was powerless. I had given my power away to that which was not real, my story. Yes I was experiencing it. However, reacting to my story is where I would lose myself.

I knew this because no matter what I did, even when I thought I had solved a situation or found a way to overcome the fear, I would always credit myself, me as this identity. The main character in my greatest movie ever: “Jamie’s Life”.

We all know that, in a movie, the characters have no power. It’s the scriptwriter who directs the movie. But the character experiences the script as being real. The characters play along with it as they act out their roles.

The scriptwriter can influence and change the script as he pleases. In doing so they are bringing to life what they imagine. If the character wanted to free themselves, the character has to be able to become the director and writer of his own movie. He must then have an awareness the script isn’t real.

What makes things real? Well, when we place power in our story, it’s real. We do that by getting really excited about what’s happening or fearing what’s happening.

So when fear pops up, instead of reacting to it, I use it. I use it to remind myself of the truth: That this is just a story and not who I truly am.

In that space, it’s not about getting rid of the fear. It becomes about going through it and, thus, discovering it’s not real. In truth, it was just an experience I chose to have as the writer and director of my own movie. I only wanted it to seem real.

The catch here is the truth. If I didn’t come to know myself as the writer and director of my movie, I would always be limited by the character. The identity known as Jamie. The character which is built on its past or future according to the story I believe in that makes up myself as this character.

In knowing I’m not just this character, but instead I am all people, all things, that I have manifested to experience in each moment, so it all seems real. Then, life becomes a different type of experience.

In awakening to the truth of who I am, I am then free to experience who I am not without fear.

Knowing this truth, I can then have the willingness to experience it by not manipulating my story in trying to fix, change, or improve my circumstances. Especially the ones I find myself uncomfortable in or fearing. That is the journey that frees me from my limiting ways and opens me to the limitless possibilities in each moment.

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