Why Judgment Robs Us of Love

  • Posted by Jamie|
  • on July 22nd, 2015|

It’s so easy to make judgments. We judge circumstances and experiences. We also judge others. The nastiest one of all is self-judgement.

All these different forms of judgment are what essentially keep us separate from love itself.

Do you notice how much you judge? When I first took the time to really observe how much my mind was in judgment, it blew me away.

And let me just shine a light on something you may or may not have considered: Judgment is not just about the bad, wrong, or negative in life. It is also a judgment when we say something is good, right, or positive. Both are labeling what is through our own perceptions.

In absolute truth: Everything is neutral in life until we place our own negative or positive judgment upon it.

That is not something that we can so easily accept. Especially if we are in judgment of big charges associated with our own stories and the experiences.

So why is judging robbing us of love itself?

Well I’m not talking about the love we so commonly are led to believe is loving from a human idea or point of view. I’m talking about unconditional love, true love.

I have come to know and experience love as being neither positive nor negative. Rather, love itself just is. And in that space, love then is also all things, both negative and positive. 

Until I could accept this, it was only my judgments that I clung to. It had me feeling separate from this now love that felt more expansive than my mind would ever be capable of understanding or boxing in.

In practice, living this was very confronting at first. For, in knowing this truth, I also had to accept that there was nothing for me to fix, change, or want to be any different from what was unfolding.

To my mind, this was crazy. It felt like a part of me was burning alive!

To be able to sit and embrace the positive things was easy. But, to embrace those things that, at first, I perceived to be wrong or negative was a whole other story.

To not let what others thought of me, to avoid beating myself up for how I felt to live, and the choices that then came with that, was really hard. For so long, I felt convinced that I always had to do the right thing and live a certain way. But that, in itself, was keeping me caged in.

I wasn’t free to be myself. I wasn’t free to do whatever I truly felt. That had become a slow death, knowing I was alive but not truly living.

At times, it was so painful not to react and not to change anything. But, in going through my pain, embracing my own judgments, I found myself in an open space. I found myself meeting the love I am.

So, if you feel you are lacking love in your life right now, look at all the ways in which you are judging. Those judgments are the walls we build to keep us separate from the love we are.

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