Why We Complicate Things

  • Posted by Jamie|
  • on July 2nd, 2015|

Life is simple, so they say. Whoever they are, they must have no idea how complicated my mind once was…

Really, my mind has gotten in the way, by making life matter so much. In putting so much meaning into life, sometimes the simplest steps have become so complicated

This is how I used to feel when I was controlled by those voices in my head. I know it sounds crazy. But, hey! You know what I’m talking about.

The mind and its voices of reason are there to keep us away from the power that lies within us. By making me believe that those voices are real and true, my power was always limited to my story.

I was never free to be myself. I was always being influenced by my stories due to the power I had placed in them through meaning.

But the truth is always simple: It’s in what we feel. And when I’m honest with myself, there is no escaping the truth. It’s either yes or no. There’s no confusion, thinking, or questioning involved.

To my mind, that is just not acceptable. When I felt something, I used to then notice how, a moment later, I was making a logical decision based on my story. In that moment I had gone from following my truth to following my mind. I had allowed my mind—those voices in my head—to think it was actually choosing.

The voices we have believed ourselves to be for so long are never really choosing. There is another part of us that has already chosen.

Letting go and accepting this can be what is called the death of the ego. Very rarely will we endeavor to go there.

The ego spends most of our lives convincing us of something that we are not. In truth, we are already love itself.

When we simplify and come back to this truth, the ego loses its power. Love is a state of oneness. The ego can survive only in duality. For in duality the identity can then exist and perceive to be choosing.

So it’s not life that is complicated. It’s not your circumstances or people. It’s the role your ego plays to survive.

When I came to truly observe this and not think it was about overcoming my ego, I then had the space to choose who it was that I am being. In that moment, I am free to be myself and keep things simple, real, and honest.


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