Embracing Truth

  • Posted by Jamie|
  • on May 14th, 2015|

To know who we truly are, we must be willing to experience who we are not.

This is no easy task. When I’m discovering more of who I truly am, there is a part of me that feels like it is dying.

I know that may sound a little dramatic. But, it’s the best way I can describe the experience of my own process. I suppose, if it was such a pleasant process, then we would all be living our truth without having to endure such pains.

Although I also realise that, if I hadn’t been willing to go through the process regardless of the pain, I wouldn’t treasure who I am being these days the way I do. I wouldn’t be able to share and inspire others from the space in which I find myself.

By having the courage to go through my pain, without doubt, I know the love which I deserve, the love I am.

If I was to hand you the keys to the most beautiful home you could ever imagine, you would never treasure that home as much as you would if you had taken the journey required towards acquiring the home you imagined yourself living in. In doing so, you would feel you had earned it, that you truly deserve that home.

So for me, when things in my life get uncomfortable or painful, I stop and look at myself. I observe how I feel within and dive in without resistance or judgment of what is.

I, then, place my attention on the truth of who I am. I remind myself I am not my story. I am not my circumstances. I am not this body. I am energy.

In the beginning of my journey, there was so much embracing to do. Why? I had given so much of myself away to my story, to my thoughts, and my identity. I had so much of myself to reclaim.

The Truth will set you free, but at first it will piss you off!

These days, those experiences are few and far between. Although, recently I found myself going through this process.

I think that is one of the many misconceptions that people have when truly getting to know themselves. They think that, when they get to know themselves, life becomes everything they want it to be. But, that is just one big agenda. For not knowing how life will be but finding certainty within the unknown. This is what living in my truth is.

Knowing who you truly are is about being free of who you think you are, your story. So, no matter what is or isn’t happening, you are being yourself. You are free to move through life in this moment, not when life looks a certain way, or your circumstances align so that you can.

That is also why this path isn’t for everyone. Most of the time, we are more concerned with what’s happening in our story rather than staying true to ourselves.

If your life starts to crumble in one area, can you let it, whilst you stay true to how you feel to live? Can you make decisions based on what you love instead of being influenced by your story?

Most people can’t. Instead of trusting ourselves and what we feel, we look instead to make a logical decision. We do this because we believe those thoughts. Those voices in our head have been the one thing keeping us secure, happy, and alive.

But maybe that’s not who you are. Maybe that’s actually the one thing that has kept you limited! Don’t you feel there is something more, something beyond the ideas and concepts you’ve always trusted?

If so, it then becomes about how radical you are willing to be. How willing are you to refuse to respond to what you’ve known for so long? How willing are you to simply just be within the unknown?




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