The Fake Love And Why I Was Buying It!

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  • on December 22nd, 2014|

This post is going to be really raw. I warn you in advance of what I am about to share…

For many years, I went on a journey of seeking out love in life. In doing so, I listened to people: teachers, gurus…anyone or thing I could find that would tell me what love was.

I spent some fifteen years on this search for the meaning of love. Many times, I thought I was experiencing love. Then, I would find myself also experiencing fear and things that weren’t apparently loving according to what I’d been taught about love.

For example: I would be treated horribly in a relationship—whether it was one involving romance, family, business, or friendship. I would struggle to understand why these things would happen. My only way to deal with it was to find some understanding by applying some practise or tool, and come back to love.

But, that in itself was the problem: Why did I need to come back to love? If love is who I am, how could I leave love in the first place?

Love is all there is. I had heard that so many times along my journey. But, practicing and living it is extremely tough to do. Why?

Because the part of us that doesn’t know itself as love—the identity or ego—is doing a marvelous job of fooling us into believing we are not the very thing we already are. The ego does this in order to survive. It is constantly placing power in everything so we perceive ourselves to live in a world of duality.

What made things even more difficult was that there are so many people talking about love. They go on this journey of using all these pretty words about love in order to draw you in. And I fell for it!

I fell for this pretty dressed-up love talk because, of course, I was seeking love. Therein lies the problem. We seek it because we don’t know ourselves as the love we already are. We buy into this human concept of what loving means or looks like.

This is the bit where I feel a little charged… So, I’m going to express this anyway…

Dressing up love because it looks pretty and using it to influence others into believing it is something they lack in the first place by having them believe they need any type of tool, or system or practice is simply hi-jacking the truth of what unconditional love already is. The truth of who we truly are…

Love is who you are. One limitless energy. You don’t one day become it, you are it, right now!

There is nothing you need. There is no one you need or anything you must practice in order to access something you already are. Place your attention on this truth. Then do what you feel is best for you.

We are always manifesting something: a practice, a guide…something that supports you in being present to the truth of who you are. You as the love you already are left little bread crumbs on your path to lead you back home. We just don’t see these little bread crumbs because we are more concerned with getting the quick fix to our circumstances so we can have that idea of what love looks like and avoid feeling any discomfort.

We don’t see ourselves and the perfection of what is, we see something separate and all the judgements that come with that. People then make a lot of money from others by knowing this. They sell you their techniques, steps and tools which promise to have you arrive one day, get rid of the discomfort or finally get that love you want in your life in what ever form you believe you need it, to eventually feel it.

But don’t succumb to your mind. Stop believing you need to fix, change, or improve on anything you are experiencing now. Then you can use what’s there to truly support you.

You will feel whats truly supportive because it supports you being in the space where you are already whole and complete. Instead of placing attention on the things outside of this moment, things we judge as not being loving or that suggest we are separate to this greater power out there.

I suppose I have a slight charge around this because, for so many years, I gave my power away thinking I needed to do something, practice something or believe in a certain process to eventually access myself. I eventually came to realize that this belief could not be further from the truth.

I came to realize that, not only am I okay and always perfect in this moment. So, too, is everything around me or what is happening in the world.

When I am present to who I am, I am one with what is.

If all there is, is love, then the things we judge as negative are also love. The wars, the killings, the disgusting things we see in the world? It’s all love. Our minds struggle to realize this because we are so caught up in the human perspective and ideology of what love is.

Love just it is. It’s energy being expressed through all forms.

If we knew that, we would actually accept and appreciate everything in the world—no matter what it meant to us. We would become one with it. We would no longer resist or judge it. Then, true change would take place by itself and naturally.

So I’ll leave you with a few questions that I once asked myself that lead me down a treasured path;

– ‘Do you believe you came here to only experience moments of love, peace and freedom?’

– ‘Are you ok believing you are just this body, your life story and all the circumstances surrounding it and the possibilities according to this?’

– ‘Do you FEEL within you that there is something more whether your life is in balance or not?’

By the way, as you know, I am only sharing from my own direct experiences. I’m not preaching a way of life or saying this is how it must be, I could just be some crazy guy with crazy thoughts… So, as always I’ll leave it for you to decide by noticing what feels true within yourself when reading what I share.

Would love to hear how you feel about whats been shared here, feel free to comment below.



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