The Hero’s Journey

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I love supporting others who let what they feel within express out into the world simply because they love to.

Emica Penklis

Emica from Loco Love Chocolate is one of those people that does this so naturally in her writing. I read this today and really enjoyed feeling the space behind the words in which it came from.

What is shared is such a truthful and honest reminder of a person who choses to live from their soul in playing the human game. For in doing so it is a journey that not many truly choose to embark on, because it means transcending that which we know, our identity. Hence this being known as the Hero’s Journey, shared by the great Joseph Campbell here.

Emica dedicates this to all of the heroes and heroines. Please exchange he and she… hero/heroine when reading.

Hero – written by Emica Penklis

A hero doesn’t wear a coat of armour,
a hero is one who knows his softness just as much as he knows his strength.

He is one who can open his heart,
and leave it open even when pain threatens its beat.
A hero knows that a seed is more powerful than a weapon,
that water is more powerful than fire;
though both are necessary to create balance.

That peace will prevail and one can not fight war with war.
A hero knows his weakness, though in this he knows his strength.
He knows that tomorrow will come though his presence is only now.
He knows how to give and knows how to receive in harmony.

A hero can take suffering and turn it into love,
he has transcended the earthly emotions and can view them from the clouds.

A hero feels the pain of others though he can heal them with the love in his heart
He knows not only joy though he knows fear, 
though the later is a distant memory that has served him long ago.

A hero knows that nature is god,
and man is part of nature so man is part of god.
He can feel the force of the universe moving through him, 
it moves from one central point which is the heart and then goes out and touches 
every thing else only to arrive back at the same place again.
This cycle is the true nature of time,
it never ceases and its constantly flowing.

He knows that the world doesn’t need another soldier,
the world needs warriors to bring back the natural laws.
He knows the meaning of power though he doesn’t preach it,
his vibration is his key and his acceptance is his magic potion.

His faith is strong and there no doubting or overthinking.
He knows that over analysis is a never-ending cascading trip,
thats not to mean he doesn’t think, he knows always.
A hero knows himself and through this knows others.
He knows the paradox of power and loves his enemies.
He knows that he can learn something from everything and everyone.

He knows the way home and is always home,
he holds many hands cause his direction is more potent than his speed.
He knows in silence he can hear a butterflies wings flapping,
he knows there is no where to go but everywhere…

He honours life and honours death, he doesn’t own or attach to anything.
Death is the paradox of life and a hero knows its not something to be feared.
Through truly living a hero is ready to die at any moment,
because death is rebirth.
it is what it is so enjoy the ride….



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