Wanting What We Already Have

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  • on February 22nd, 2015|

I had heard this before: “We already have everything we want.” But, when I looked at my life, there were certainly things I didn’t have and things I actually didn’t want right then.

So what does that saying even mean and how could it be true?

One morning I was having a shower and, just like a bubble rises up from beneath the ocean surface, the answer popped up:

Everything I already am is being experienced within this moment…until, that is, I separate from BEING in this moment and place my attention on my story.

You see: The moment I think about my story or what you may call my life, I am focused on what I am experiencing rather than just BEING with the experience I am having, moment by moment.

When I am BEING, I am BEING myself. I am not off thinking in my mind (which is not myself) but, rather, thoughts of self that are always identifying with the story in usually the past, future or thinking of this moment.

When I let go of the thoughts, I am no longer looking at what I need, want or desire of my story. I am feeling my experience and moving with life, without judging or labeling my experience.

In this space, I am able to enjoy what is. Nothing is truly missing; nothing is separate.

Why? Because BEING in this space, I feel whole and complete. It’s like feeling in love for no reason. But, the moment I think about what I want—or don’t want—in my life, I’m coming from a place of lack. I am creating a disconnection to who I already truly am.

For most of my life, I had been living and experiencing life in that space of lack. There was what I had and what I wanted to have in life. I always wanted more, whether it was in relationships, health, career, or finances. There was always this idea of not having—especially when I looked around me at what others had.

It was a cruel game I played with myself. It seemed never ending, no matter what I did. It didn’t matter how smart I got, how rich, how fit or how loving I was being. There was always this feeling of something more that I wanted.

Of course, there would be. For when our attention is of life, we are looking at only an illusion of who we truly are. We are playing the greatest trick on ourselves and forgetting the trick we are playing…

We are forgetting that everything we are seeking for, we already have and are.

How did I truly realise I was playing a trick on myself?

By taking my attention off the illusion of life and thinking there was something to find, something to feel from life, I realized I was already feeling everything I could ever want. In feeling it, I already had it.

If, in this moment, we could become still, close our eyes, and be with ourselves, we would eventually feel peace, calm and a sense of love for no reason. The only problem is: When we open our eyes, we leave this space by identifying with who we are not by judging and labeling our experience. We create separation. Within that separation comes the suffering.

Think of a newborn baby. That baby only knew itself to be at one with his mother. But, then he is separated from her in the experience of being born into the world. In that moment that baby experiences the separation. He cries until, a moment later, he finds his breath and feels at peace again upon the body of his mother. The baby feels loved. That baby just started to experience that love is something separate from himself. And so the human experience begins…

Our journey is to realise we are not just this body, but love itself, that feeling which moves through, the energy that is all things. One love, one moment, where nothing is missing and you—as that love—are already experiencing everything you desire: the good, the bad according to our perceptions. You came to accept this as necessary so that this game we call life, seems to be real.

But now you know the truth. If everything you want you already have, remind yourself by BEING in the moment, and FEELING who you truly are, not thinking of who you are not.

Would you love to live life from a space of being, even whilst in the doing of reality? Feel free to book in a chat with me about mentoring here – SCHEDULE CALL


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